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Copper Rose Mirrors Featured

This amazing piece of art was designed & forged in America using traditional blacksmithing techniques, by Andreas Hornsteiner. The Handforged Copper Rose Mirror is a conversation started and would add unique look an style to any decor.

Roses, made of copper riveted on forged stems through a series of welding and forgewelding processes. Each rose looks very realistic in it's grace and beauty. It is very difficult to really express and show online how spectacular this piece is.

• Handforged Copper Roses
• Handforged Steel mirror frame
• Each mirror is slightly different and unique
• Handcrafted in Montana, USA
• Black burned over coal fire, the old traditional way
• Finished with wax

19.5" x 26" x 3.75"

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Item Finish

Each piece is lovingly hand finished, black burned over a coal fire the old traditional way then finished off with a thin coating of wax.

Shipping & Handling

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